Online Weight Checker


This machine is suitable for weight inspection of already packaged goods, it displays the weight of the goods and eliminates automatically the unacceptable goods. Automatic zeroing and out-of-tolerance alarm.

Features :
Customized prompts guide operators through functions
  Graphic icons and messages show function status
  Convenient navigation pad increases efficiency and accuracy
  Large 20*4  back-lit LCD display
  At- key board interface  for preset value insert
  Front panel or serial configuration/calibration
  Stainless steel enclosure
  One bidirectional communication ports RS-485/RS 232 communication for data logging.
  Rejection systems

  Over/under light bars
  Networking LAN
  Printers interface
Applicaitons :
Heavy wash down, corrosive environments, Meat and poultry processing, food , dairy
Specifications :
   Detecting weight
   10000 g
   ±0.1 g±0.5 g
   3050 times/min
   AC220 V±1050 Hz 750 W
   Weight and size
   70 kg
   Machine size    2650×750×1200mm
   Configurations    1 to 4 conveyor beds(option)
   Construction    Stainless steel or powder coated mild steel
   Rejection system    Automatic reject when Over weight or Under weight pouches
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