Bag Filling


We, at EAGLE are well-versed with changing market trends and have the capabilities to design, develop, and manufacture bag filling machines that suit to varied industrial applications. These bag filing machines are used to fill granules/powders in bags. Their unique designs make them suitable for production in large scale packaging lines.  We offer bag filling machines with many features some of them are listed as below:

Features :
Latest Micro Controller based design.
Rugged construction
Heavy Duty Load Cell for rough handling
Coarse and fine feed for better accuracy



25 Kg

10 g

50 Kg

20 g

75 Kg

50 g

100 Kg

100 g

500 Kg

100 g

1000 Kg

500 g



Technical Specifications :
Fill Accuracy
Better than + / - 0.1% FSR
13 mm height (7 segments LED)
Load Sensor
Strain Gauge Based Load sensor
Fill Mode 
No. of Fillings
6 fillings per minute (Depends on flow available)
Operating Temp
5-50 degree C
Operating Pressure
6-8 bar
Power Supply
230v Ac, 50 Hz +/- 10%
Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Granules, Powder, Chemicals etc
PLC Based Controller, Printer Interface, Computer Interface, Remote Display, Higher Capacity, and Flame Proof
*Note : Accuracy and Number of fillings are based on the properties and flow characteristics of the material.
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