Double Ended Shear Beam Load cell


ESMWD 100 - Double Ended Shear Beam Load cell unique bridge structure load cell with cup and steel ball mounting. Self-resetting and centering. Widely used in truck scales, railroad scales, hopper scales and various other special scales.

EAGLE Double Ended Ball and Cup Load cells surpass Its Competitors in Terms Of Resistance against Side Forces. It Is a Fact That the Major Reason behind Load cell Manufacturing Is the Horizontal Side Forces Created by the Vehicles during Brakes and Sudden Start-UPS. That is why; Scales with Column Type Load cells require Construction Absorbing Side Forces.

For medium to high capacity applications, the double ended shear beam offers a number of advantages over other designs. Units like the one shown opposite have built-in jacking bolts which can be used to support the weighing structure during installation thus allowing the live load cells to be fitted just prior to commissioning, avoiding damage.

Double Ended Shear Beam Load cell


  • Pre-Calibrated technology (Collaboration with European technology)
  • No Need to Make Calibration (Just Plug & Weighing)
  • Strong Digital Signal provide accurate weighing
  • Profitability to Highest Weighing Accuracy
  • Nickel Plated Tool Alloys Steel
  • True Hermetically Sealing
  • Inbuilt Lightning Protection : Electronic Gas Discharge Tubes
  • Inbuilt Temp. Protection & Surge Protection
  • No Corner Error
  • No Analogue to Digital Converter
  • Predictive diagnostics simplify troubleshooting
  • Two Years Warranty in Eagle Make Load Cells


Rated Load (E-Max) : 20, 30, 34.5, 40, 50, 60 t

Rated Output (mV/V) : 2.00 0.01

Non-linearity : 0.02% F.S

Hysteresis : 0.02% F.S

Repeatability : 0.01% to 0.02% F.S

Creep (30 minutes) : 0.02% F.S

Zero Balance : 1.00% F.S

Temperature Effect on Zero : 0.02% F.S

Temperature Effect on Output : 0.02% F.S

Protection Class (IP) : IP68

Communication BPS : 9600/19200

Communication Mode : RS 485

Insulation Resistance (O) : = 3000M

Excitation Voltage : 7 to 15V DC

Compensated Temperature Range : -10C to +50C

Operation Temperature Range : -20C to +60C

Safe Overload : 150% F.S

Ultimate Safe Overload : 200% OF R.C

Cable : F4 x 16m

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