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The Eagle Scale Manufacturing Works is a manufacturing and Exporter of weighing equipments & Industrial Automation located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA)

The Eagle scale Manufacturing Works has been in Weighing Business Since 1974 and owes their Excellent Customer Service and the Products that soar above the rest of each industry.

The Eagle Scale Manufacturing Works owners had firsthand experience of various type mechanical weighing systems. By owning this business and it gives to leg up on the competition have led to develop the electronic weighing system. The talented and committed workforce builds better industrial automation products to achieve better results and solution to operators & owners.

The newly ventured E-MONITORING SYSTEM with weigh bridges is highly beneficial and very much useful to most of the industries. The extensive and growing line of electronics, accomplish many tasks at all types of remote and unattended sites.

To build your valuable Surveillance systems as per your clear Specifications, Please contact us as per your convenient.

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